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Robert's Photos

This page is continuously under construction.  Many more photos on hand for uploading as time permits.

The following photograph album has been created from photographs sent to us by member Robert Etchell.  Please observe the copyright associated with EVERY photograph posted. Robert lives in Vancouver and takes most of his photographs from the Lion's Gate Bridge or from the seawall around Stanley Park.  Other locations are described beside each image.

 Canadian Navy dive vessel HMCS SOOKE  inbound in Vancouver Harbour, April 8, 2011.

Robert Etchell photo.  Ref: WS11-0220.

  [Photo of the Month May 2011]

Canadian tug ALEX GORDON, seen here towing a loaded barge to Arctic.  She is seen downbound on the Fraser River, July 24, 2010.  Photo by Robert Etchell.  ©  Ref: WS10-0401.  [Photo of the Month September 2010]

CORAL PRINCESS, outbound about to pass under the Lions Gate Bridge, July 10, 2010.  Photo by Robert Etchell.  ©  Ref: WS10-0183.   [Photo of the Month, Summer 2010]

Dunlap tug MIKE O'LEARY towing an oil barge outbound from Vancouver Harbour.  Photo taken from Barnet Park, September 13, 2009, by Robert Etchell.  ©  Ref: WS10-0066.  [Photo of the Month May 2010] ,

Singaporean-flagged container ship KOTA LAMBANG, outbound in Vancouver Harbour, March 19, 2010.  Photo by Robert Etchell, taken from the east side of the Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver.  ©  Ref: WS10-0051.  [Photo of the Month April 2010]

Smit tugboat SMIT TYEE, inbound to PetroCanada Terminal in Vancouver Harbour.  Photo taken by Robert Etchell from Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby, B.C.  December 6, 2009.  ©  Ref: WS09-0591.  [Photo of the Month January 2010]

BC Ferries' QUEEN OF CHILLIWACK, outbound in Port Hardy, B.C. June 30, 2009.  Photo by Robert Etchell, and can be found in his book "BC FERRIES INSIDE PASSAGE, Port Hardy to Prince Rupert.  ©  Ref: WS09-0580.  [Photo of the Month February 2010]

NYK Line car carrier GLOBAL LEADER, typical of the vessels plying the Pacific Coast to Asia runs, seen here upbound on the Fraser River near Delta, November 29, 2003.  Photo by Robert Etchell.  ©  Ref: WS08-0006.  {Photo of the Month March 2010]

Holland America Lines' AMSTERDAM, outbound from Vancouver Harbour, Apr 26, 2009.  Photo taken from seawall in Stanley Park, just east of the Lion's Gate Bridge, by Robert Etchell.  ©  Ref: WS09-0258.    [Photo of the Month, September 2009]

YM Line container ship YM YANTIAN, outbound from Vancouver Harbour. Photo taken from Lion's Gate Bridge, shows the Kinder Morgan facility and the City and District of North Vancouver in the distance.  Photo by Robert Etchell, Mar 25, 2009.  ©  Ref: WS09-0225.   [Photo of the Month, May 2009]

BC Ferries' COASTAL INSPIRATION, arriving at the Tsawwassen Terminal from Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island, June 6, 2009.  Photo by Robert Etchell. © Ref: WS09-0274.

BC Ferries' QUEEN OF NANAIMO arriving at the Tsawwassen Terminal from its home port of Long Harbour on Saltspring Island.  June 6, 2009.  Photo by Robert Etchell.  ©   Ref: WS09-0275.

BARMBECK - container ship heading down river on the Fraser River, March 21, 2009.  Photo by Robert Etchell.  ©  Ref: WS09-0029.  [Photo of the Month April 2009]

ATLAS NAVIGATOR, inbound to Vancouver Harbour to be docked at Westridge Terminal, February 21, 2009.  Photo taken by Robert Etchell from Lion's Gate Bridge. ©  Ref: WS09-0017.         [Photo of the month, March 2009]

Cates ship-docking tugboat CHARLES H. CATES II, inbound to Vancouver Harbour - photo taken from Lion's Gate Bridge April 12, 2008.  Photo by Robert Etchell.  ©  Ref: WS09-0010.  [Photo of the month, Feb 2009]