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An Invitation to Membership

Membership in The World Ship Society of British Columbia (otherwise known as the Vancouver Branch of the World Ship Society, Ltd.) is open to any International World Ship Society member.  For details of International membership, consult the pages on our International website http://worldshipsociety.org.html

International membership costs are established by the Society in the UK (and for the calendar year 2016 are set at £20 (for non-UK, non-EU members).  The amount in Canadian or US dollars required to join BOTH the International Society and the Vancouver Branch will be determined by October 31st of each year and posted here. The cost is conditional upon the international exchange rate of the £ vs the $,  but for 2015 the costs for a combined membership in both the International and the Vancouver Branch, were pegged at CDN$58.00 / US$58.00), for a FULL membership..

You can join the International Society (based in the United Kingdom) and the Vancouver Branch at the same time, but payment for the Branch membership cannot be included in any Visa or MasterCard charge.  Branch memberships MUST be paid directly to the branch by way of a personal cheque in Canadian or US dollars.

If you would like clarification of the costs, please contact mailto:glenn.smith@worldshipsocietyvan.ca