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Photographs by Vancouver Branch members of the World Ship Society

This introduction page contains a random selection of photos taken by Vancouver Branch members of the World Ship Society.  Let us create a page for you.  Only requirement is that you are a member of the Vancouver Branch.  Send your submissions to the webmaster@worldshipsocietyvan.ca

RED OSPREY, arriving at Southampton, UK dock after regular voyage from Isle of Wight. May 8, 1998. Photo is © by Glenn Smith.
Ref: GS98-0011.

CALSHOT, former lightship and tender, undergoing restoration in Itchen River, Southampton, UK. May 10, 1998. Photo is © by Glenn Smith. Ref: GS98-0018.

ORIANA, photographed from a tour boat while ship was berthed at Southampton, UK Western Docks, on maiden voyage to Southampton. May 10, 1998. Photo © by Glenn Smith. Ref: GS98-0045.

Restored steamer, WAVERLEY, at Town Quay Dock, Southampton, UK. May 11, 1998. Photo © by Glenn Smith. Ref: GS98-0059.

NORWEGIAN DREAM, leaving Dover, UK Harbour. May 14, 1998. Photo © by Glenn Smith.
Ref: GS98-0088.

A view of the Thames Barrier, near Greenwich, UK, taken from a tourboat on the Thames River, May 20, 1998. Photo © by Glenn Smith.
Ref: GS98-0118.

The former NORTH VANCOUVER FERRY No. 5, seen in its new incarnation as the "Seven Seas Floating Restaurant", berthed at the foot of Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, BC as seen through a porthole on the former HMCS CAPE BRETON, (which was being readied for sinking off Nanaimo, BC as a dive location). The restaurant vessel has now been removed and scrapped.  Photo taken August 26, 1999. Photo © by Glenn Smith.
 Ref: GS99-0118.

WSS Vancouver Branch members, Cecil Woods, Athena Condon and Percy Condon talking on the dock at Kyuquot, BC while on group visit aboard the mv UCHUCK III. Aug 12, 1999. Photo © by Glenn Smith. Ref: GS99-0095. 

Some houses at the original Indian village of Kyuquot, BC (on west coast of northern Vancouver Island). Photo taken from government dock, while group of WSS members spent the night after a long trip aboard the UCHUCK III sailing from Gold River, BC. Aug 12, 1999. Photo © by Glenn Smith. Ref: GS99-0090.

SEA PRINCESS(II), leaving Port of Vancouver, BC on voyage to Panama after spending summer in Alaskan waters cruising out of Vancouver. Sept 18. 1999. Photo © by Glenn Smith.  Ref: GS99-0133.